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I paesi più affascinanti

The most beautiful villages

The most beautiful villages of the Valley!

A curved path of no more than 20 Km, going through the well-known Moena, Mazzin, Campitello and Canazei in a valley surrounded by the Dolomites, so perfect in their magnificence that seem to be drawn. A beautiful land featuring some of the most beautiful mountain landscapes anywhere, with vertical walls, sheer cliffs and a high density of narrow, in which ladin tradition and tourism cooperate to environmental protection, making the Dolomites an almost unique World Heritage Site.

The Ski Club Hotel Regina e Fassa lies in Mazzin, in the midst of the Fassa Valley. Its position is one of its chief assets, together with the many outstanding services available for its Guests.

Come enjoy your Holiday at the Club Regina e Fassa Family Hotel, and find out

Pozza di Fassa - 2 Km Counting 2000 inhabitants, Pozza is in the midst of Val di Fassa, surrounded and embraced by the real rock masterpieces Catinaccio and the Vajolet turrets. Ideal destination for athletes both in Summer and Winter time, the Val di Fassa has a top-class touristic range, counting almost 500 ski-lifts and the longest ski runs of the Valley, walking and trekking routes both for families and skilled climbers. Not to mention the Val di Fassa Ski Stadium, where you will be able to sky at night-time.

Not only skiing in Pozza, as this small and lovely village has sulphuric thermal spring rising at height. Visiting Pozza means getting lost in the beauty of the Dolomits especially at sunset, when the mountains get their well-known pink-coloured effect.

Campitello di Fassa - 4 Km Even counting less than 1000 inhabitants, Campitello is -due to its beauty- one among the most famous villages of the whole Val di Fassa. Surmounted by the Sassolungo and Sassopiatto mounts, this tiny and beautiful townlet is located at the feet of Col Rodella, to many the most beautiful shelf to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Dolomites. Campitello means sport, especially -but not only- snow sport, with over 230 Km and 122 ski slopes always in perfect conditions thanks to the snowmaking system served by over 80 ski-lifts, guaranteeing fast and secure transportation at highest attitude. Campitello also means history, which you will be able to touch and see among the tiny alleys and ancient buildings, like the rural Tobiè. That's why Campitello has been the first touristic village of the whole valley, capable of appraising the enchanting valley it lies in.

Canazei - 5 Km 1800 inhabitants and a name that's on everyone's lips when it comes to winter sport. It is enviably located, embedded between 4 ski districts (Belvedere, Ciampac, Col Rodella, Marmolada) easily reachable via ski-lifts. Skiers and snowboarders will have a great time, visiting Canazei. Every year Canazei holds the most important winter sport events in Val di Fassa, quite like the Sellaronda Skimarathon, a night cross-country challenge. Just like the other Fassan villages, even Canazei -probably the most consacrated to tourism- keeps features of the strongest ladin tradition. Memories of the ancient period are very well held, and the atmosphere is that of a perfect blend between past and present, for the most fascinating and charming touristic offer.

Not to be forgotten is Canazei night-life, sparkling and amusing, and the colorful local houses, creating a fairy-tale atmosphere.

With your Club Hotel Regina holiday you will be perfectly in the midst of Val di Fassa, with all of this at your finger-tips!!

Discover Val di Fassa

Athletic Holidays

Un soggiorno all'hotel Regina e Fassa vi dà l'opportunità di praticare tantissime attività all'aria aperta, divertenti e ricche di adrenalina.

Ski Holiday

Vicinissimo a tutti gli impianti di risalita e al centro della Val di Fassa, l'hotel dispone di comfort e servizi su misura per chi ama sciare.

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